Some networking tips

Good networking consists of mingling. As a perfect networker you may have learned to mingle with such grace and ease that nobody notices that you are networking. Of course, you may have spent several years learning and practicing the skill that you have mastered and have typically integrated it into every cell of your being until networking becomes a natural part of who you are. A good networker always fine-tunes their skill and ability, and also continues developing their communication and relationship building skills.

To be a good networker, you must greet the people around you. Greeting people around you is recognizing their presence and conveying the consideration you have for them.

A great smile to people can be a great asset. When you smile to people with your friendly face, they feel more comfortable talking to you, and it increases the chance that you easily enter into contact with people you meet in different events.

Handshake is my best networking techniques. Because it is my first chance to convey my personality. I would like to create a physical sense of connection. A warm handshake creates a warm friendly atmosphere.

Good conversation. Be willing to generate conversation by responding to others with some interest. The art of conversation is something you can learn as you learn the art of small talk.

Call people by their names. If you meet people and they introduce themselves to you, call them by name and sprinkle the name throughout your conversation in an easy and natural way.

Connect people to people by introducing them to each other. It makes you the initiator of connection.


Why is face-to-face networking so important?

We can never forget how important and powerful people getting together for face-to-face interaction can be. Nor can we allow sending e-mails or texts to replace that interaction.

Face - to- Face networking

The power of personally connecting and human interaction accelerates relationship building. In 10 minutes you can learn more about someone, and they about you, in person than in six months online.

Finding common ground comes from having a conversation or discussion on the phone or in person. The energy that passes between people finding out that they have a hobby, favorite book, peer or life experience in common can be profound.

Making decisions on what the next step is and putting the plan in motion can happen in one minute on the phone or in person, as opposed to multiple e-mails.

What I learnt as team leader at Canadart.

Effective communication moves relationships between coworkers forward and helps them to work together successfully. By identifying the hurdles to good communication, managers can maximize the potential of their team and mobilize difficult people.

Managers need to encourage a positive approach to communication between team members so that they support each other and become more effective as a team. Behavior that support good communication includes offering help, showing an interest in an individuals and acknowledging the contribution each team member makes to the team. Be honest with each other, take the time to explain why things need to happen and share information. Being clear with the messages you send, and choosing the best way to provide information, will help the recipient to understand your meaning. Developing a positive atmosphere encourages open discussion, creates energy, avoids misunderstanding, saves time, and builds working relationships that are supportive and rewarding.

Before sharing information you must check that the information is accurate, decide who should receive the information, choose the best channel of communication, decide who should convey the message, check that the information has been received and understood, and in the end, it is better to follow up to see whether action has been taken.

If you want to develop an effective communication as team leader, it is important to look at the channels of communication within and outside the team. Messages should be delivered directly rather than passing them down a long chain and all team members should be told what they need to know. Always be positive and constructive when you are communicating.

All roads lead to Rome

Hello guys, today, I’m going to tell you a bit about my logical and creative thinking. Because I believed that thinking creatively could help me find ways to deal with challenging issues and form opportunities. But as you know, creativity is the process of challenging accepted ideas and ways of doing things in order to find new solutions; the biggest challenge I had to face was trying to not completely but slightly avoid what we are brought up to believe that they are true without trying to find out anything about them. For example, we as human being are brought up to believe that certain behaviors and thoughts are right and others are wrong. This kind of conditioning constrains our thinking and prevents us from finding new answers to problems we encounter.

In the social sphere for example, we are conditioned to believe in principles which could help us fit into the society in which we live. However, this type of conditioning discourages us from challenging the status quo. If you look in our educational system, you will find out that we are taught to learn in a structured way. This means that we have a tendency to accept facts rather than challenging them. However, when I went to see my parents, it was very difficult for me to keep things going smoothly between us, because I broke their authority which is so instinctive and which laid down my patterns and rules of behavior at an early age. My dad was so religious, and everything that is related to the religion he takes it seriously. And one of my challenging ideas was, trying to think about the veracity of religious thinking. I had more respect for my parents, but I tried to make them understand that the blue cover that we see above our heads is not a ceiling as they used to think, or made to think.

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I like to lift people up, give them a reason for being and give the vision and spirit to change.
Hello everybody, my name is Diallo, The Blogger. I used to be an information manager. Some of my colleagues used to call me  “The Big Boss”, because I played the role of an information processor for my Director.
I would like to share with you an important chapter in my work history when I was known as The Super Information Manager. My most outstanding strength was my ability of managing information which led to my team’s success. A team of twelve people. We gathered information about how to build an effective working team. We did it and we were able to take our little project to a full implementation on time and under budget. Do-it-now was my code for the Project.

I was the information manager.
In the chapter of my information management, I used to use an analytical,  systematic process for gathering facts.

The Super Manager

First, I identify the information I need and I assess which contacts possess that information.
I found out that the most important in managing information is to understand what you need and to know how you get it. That involves a kind of good decision making; and making good decisions fast adds to the effectiveness of any team leader. That was my case.
First, I consider what the best sources of information are likely to be. When I know where I can get the information, I can estimate how much it will cost in money (if ever) and in terms of time. Before proceeding, I make sure that the advantage offered by the information is worth that time and money.

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Say hi to her

Hello guys, do you know what I know?

Many men are pretty self-confident about themselves in most areas, but when it comes to talk to woman many men seem to just fall apart and are often unable to even speak coherently. The main way to get over this hang up is to talk to many women as possible.
Where ever you go try to at least say hi and ask how the weather is. What a beautiful day!

The more women you talk to the easier it will be to approach the woman that you want and feel comfortable starting a conversation with her.
Most of us become confident in an area because we practice a lot at it to get good. Most of us sadly do not translate that into the area of picking up women, especially, those pretty, beautiful sun shining women.

Another trick to try and feel more confident when trying to pick up a woman is to try and remember other times when you felt really confident just before you go to talk to her. This way, your mind still has fresh feelings of confidence. It’s like an electric charge which boosts you self-confidence.

Building self-confidence with woman is easy, if you take it step by step. Try to improve in this area a little every day and soon enough others will be amazed at your great self-confidence with women.

I am who I’m and I like myself

Do you know that the way you see yourself is more important than the way anyone else sees you?

Do you like thinking for yourself or letting others think for you? What does Building self-confidence means to you? If it’s really important for you then I would like to tell you to:
Develop a strong sense of self by knowing who you are, what you want and what is best for you. Don’t let others influence on you by telling you how you should look, feel or how you should act. Do what you think is best for you. Cultivate your own tastes and enjoy your preferences.
Make an opinion by gathering as much information about a subject as possible. Build your mental resources by reading, observing and listening for yourself, then take time to reflect and evaluate. Many times we make poor decisions because we begin with wrong premise. If we take time to evaluate and judge based upon what we observe first hand rather than what we have been lead to believe, we can arrive at a more appropriate and practical conclusion.

Don’t succumb under pressure or fear or guilt. Have courage to stand up for what you really believe and have deduced yourself. If you go along with a group of people for the sake of keeping peace, avoiding confrontation, or fear of failure, you do everyone a disservice, especially yourself. You may have a brilliant idea, or maybe it happens to be the right thing to do. If none hears about it, a healthy discussion cannot take place and all possibilities will not be considered. A good idea has the potential to evolve into a better one with input from a variety of sources.

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